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The Multimodal Service

Fast track to business growth in a competitive environment with Focal Logistics solutions. Our industry expertise supports your growing business to thrive.

Same Day Delivery - SDD

We have the option to move shipment and get it delivered to our customers in the same day using the Flexi Air Network of FOCAL , which has combination of flights of our own GSA and also of all other major passenger airlines.

Next Flight Out - NFO

As a part of the DTD service a unique value added services was designed, created and implemented called “NFO” – Next Flight Out services, through this, our clients have the option to use the first available flight out of the particular city to move their urgent shipments, irrespective of the time and location.





Road transportation

The standard transport method for small or medium-sized goods that are to be carried within one country. Freight is usually transported in large trucks, and they are driven by a professional driver to its location.


Air Freight

Our global air freight services with network of own offices and partners, combined with road feeder service or ocean freight connections, offer you door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world.


Ocean Fright

Ocean freight is the preferred mode of transport for the movement of high volume and heavy cargo such as minerals, metals, ores, steel coils, etc. which would be impossible to move by air freight.



locations in 84 countries worldwide


square meters of warehousing storage


tonnes of ground freight goods


total pallet locations

why choose us

  • Safe & Secure Delivery Services

    Be rest assured that your parcel is always safe with us, and an assurance of timely delivery

  • Cost Savings

    Compared to other similar services, our services are very cheap and affordable considering our quality services

  • Transport Optimization

    Fast track to business growth in a competitive environment with Focal Logistics solutions.

  • Proven experience

    We provide the best experience in the industry for customers and carriers.We put culture, process, and innovation ahead of cost in order to get the job done every time.



Leo Martin, CEO - Aoc Ltd

My margins have grown 5 to 10%, my Logistics cost which has gone down to 0.5%. If we see the fill rate of these regional DCs, earlier the fill rate was Approx. 75 to 76%. Now, of course with the timely delivery with the help of Facal Logistics It has really helped to boost the fill rate to 85% or in some places it has reached up to 86 to 88%.


J. Randel, Director - ClothingCompany

When we started with Focal Logistics, we only kept one condition that the service level has to be above 90%. They have been meeting the serivce level almost every time The best part about Focal Logistics was the Feedback system, the MIS. Those were coming, are coming very regularly.

Focal Logistics

Focal Logistics

Focal Logistics

Focal Logistics

Focal Logistics